5 More Fun Finds For Summer

We’re about halfway through summer now… and still busy with family vacations, pool time, picking up the kids from camp, and various other adventures. I’ve been on the lookout for some additional things to enhance your summer as we inch closer and closer to the beginning of a new school year. As a follow-up to my initial post, 5 Fun Finds for Summer, I’ve come across some new discoveries that I hope you will enjoy.

1. To Do: Self-Service Dog Wash at Petco’s Unleashed

Looking for something different and fun for the whole family? Try taking your pet to this self-service dog wash, where Petco provides the tub, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels, and a professional-strength dryer. For just $10, your precious pup can get clean and beautiful- that’s around 80% less than most dog grooming salons charge-and the whole family can take part, without the mess at home! My oldest child felt a huge sense of accomplishment by doing this and loved that we saved money too. It’s a wonderful summer treat for your pet-and your family. 🙂


2. To Eat: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Pie

Calling all Thin Mint lovers! I came across this idea while searching the internet for “easy summer dessert” ideas… While most of my family members will tell you that I’m not a fabulous cook, this was just too easy to mess up! As you can see below, I added a layer of Cool Whip and additional crushed cookies on top. My husband, who is a connoisseur of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, absolutely loved it! Hope you enjoy too!



3. To Make Your Life Easier: Groceries Delivered by Shipt

Tired of strolling up and down the grocery store aisles, chasing kids, and spending at least two-three hours of your valuable time shopping for and unloading groceries every week? I present to you Shipt, a fabulous delivery service that allows you to order groceries online from Texas favorites HEB and Central Market (check availability/stores in other states)-delivered in as little as an hour. I have a great friend who recommended this service (and actually works for them too), so the kids and I decided to try it. We were beyond impressed-after ordering our groceries at 10:30 a.m., they were delivered to our front door by 12:20 p.m.-in a little less than 2 hours. Amazing! I highly recommend. Bonus: get $10 off when you sign up for Shipt by using this link.


4. To Bring Along on Vacation: Flip 10 Charger by Goal Zero

Don’t get caught with a dead cell phone on your summer adventure… bring along this compact “lipstick” size charger everywhere you go! No need to find an electric outlet or be in your car to charge your phone-you can take this anywhere! So easy, affordable, and very useful.

Lipstick Charger

For the Bride-to-Be: Letters to My Daughters-The Art of Being a Wife

letters to my daughters

Summer is prime wedding season. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift for the bride-to-be, consider this book by Barbara Rainey. Her husband is the head of FamilyLife, a Christian-based organization dedicated to strengthening marriages and families. They’ve been married for almost 45 years. As the link will show you, this book has so much to offer, based on wisdom gained from years of marriage and ministry. I’m proud to say that the Rainey family is from Arkansas, my home state. A great resource inspired by an amazing Christian family.